Nixie Crew releases baby marine turtles back into their homes

Last March 26, 2019, the Nixie crew visited the Curma hatchery to learn more about the marine ecosystem particularly the current situation of one of the gentlest sea creatures: the sea turtles.

A seminar was conducted by Project Curma’s coordinator, Mr. Carlos Tamayo where he introduced the crew to the different species of sea turtles and talked about the risks they are currently facing due to the influx of tourists in the shores of La Union.

The talk ended with an exchange of tips on how normal citizens can personally contribute to the protection of these endangered species. Some of the tips are:

  • leave only footprints when you visit the beach;
  • say no to single-use plastics;
  • avoid purchasing things that exploit our marine life;
  • mind your energy consumption; and
  • participate in activities that aim to protect the ocean!

The day spent with Project Curma was full of learnings and fun and it became even better when some sea turtle eggs decided to hatch and demanded to be released back into their homes. Of course, the Nixie crew gladly accepted the offer of witnessing baby sea turtles do their first ever crawl!