Nixie Crew goes to La Union for “Run Pawikan Run”

In celebration of their 10 th year anniversary, Project CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions) launched their first ever “Run Pawikan Run” last February 8 & 9 in San Juan, La Union. The goal of the event was to increase awareness about marine life, particularly about the sea turtles and raise
funds to help sustain the projects of the organization.

Nixie, as a partner in marine life conservation, joined the activity by being the run’s official hydration team, providing them with four (4) water refilling stations. Nixie had also given away poncho-towels as prizes for the top 3 runners of each category (300M/3K/5K/10K).



The success of the event was very evident given the 368 individuals who had joined and ran for the sea turtles. Aside from this, Plastic Battle, another environmental conservation organization, had declared that due to CURMA’s effort to encourage all runners to bring their own tumblers, the run was able to avoid a total of 1,240 pieces of single-use plastics. A win for mother nature!



“Run Pawikan Run” was just the beginning of another conservation effort. Project CURMA, together with its partners, will continuously strive to come up with activities that will forward the welfare of the Philippine marine ecosystem.