Be our partner in marine life conservation

Living the #NixieLife makes you our partner in Marine Life Conservation! 

Nixie partnered with the Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions (CURMA), a marine life conservation organization that protects endangered keystone species from poachers and other predators. They have various programs that aim to protect the ecosystems in the areas they look after. This includes beach Patrol where they get to train volunteers who are willing to walk along the coastline daily from 3 AM to 5 AM to search for eggs and nests. There’s Hatchery Management that involves protection of eggs by transferring them into the CURMA hatchery. And the Pawikan (Marine Turtle) releasing, CURMA’s main activity: Hatchlings who have come out of their nests are being released through the shore to the sea which is what most people look forward to.

These programs align with the Nixie beliefs and advocacies. Nixie believes that if we protect our environment, it will also protect us in return. These marine life creatures contribute to making this world a beautiful home for us, let us return the favor by protecting theirs.